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He has also worked as a screenwriter, having written scripts for New Line, Sony, Universal, Miramax, HBO, A&E, Syfy, 2929, Solution Entertainment, Legende, Disney Channel, Zanuck Independent, Blumhouse, Venice Films, Rainmaker Films (UK), and others while working with filmmakers such as Sam Raimi, Michael Bay, Steven Soderbergh, George Tillman, Gavin O'Connor, Janusz Kaminski, and Clark Johnson. 

Born in Texas, Mark got his start as a writer working for movie magazines like Total Film, Fangoria, and L'écran Fantastique before breaking into screenwriting. He has also written for video games and comic books, including co-creating "The Cleaners" for Dark Horse Comics.


“The most fascinating AI character in recent memory.”

– Entertainment Weekly

“This is a remarkably clever and engrossing first novel from former journalist Wheaton. It’s hard not to be won over by Emily’s benign narrative voice and thrilled by the race-against-time plot, even as the book explores weighty questions of self and soul.”

– Financial Times

“A top-class, high-tech thriller. Emily is a true heroine: warm, funny, brilliant and more human than a lot of humans. You'll be cheering for her to the end when you come to see that AI actually stands for Awesome Imagination.”

– Daily Mail

“It’s no small feat to make a nonhuman character relatable, but debut author Wheaton manages it with aplomb. EMILY ETERNAL is cleverly written, with sci-fi concepts that are accessible to nonreaders of the genre. Fans of Andy Weir and Blake Crouch will enjoy the wit an action of Emily’s story.”

– Booklist

“Wheaton renders a new twist on humanity’s survival in this bittersweet post-apocalyptic novel. Fast-paced chase scenes, double-crosses, and the pall of imminent doom propel Emily toward an innovative answer about the nature of existence in a quirky mix of melancholy, irreverence, and romance in which the only way to save something is to lose it. In Emily, humanity gets a young god whose strengths and flaws are of our own making. A coming-of-age story of the artificial consciousness who becomes humanity's reluctant savior blurs together questions of existentialism, human essentialism, and love.

– Kirkus Reviews

“Fast-paced, engrossing novel that explores the possibility of being able to exist away from our planet, whether as humans or something new and evolutionarily distinctive.”

– Library Journal

“A fast-paced novel full of vibrant characters who have to deal with morally gray situations. Wheaton sprinkles just the right amount of technical description into the book to make things feel realistic, though readers will have to suspend their disbelief to get behind the whole idea of an artificial consciousness. Emily is nothing like Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri. It's hard to pigeonhole EMILY ETERNAL into one genre because it has elements of speculative sci-fi, thriller, and romance spread throughout—and that makes for an engaging read.”

– Ars Technica

“EMILY ETERNAL is a fast-paced, well-written science fiction thriller…the author keeps us guessing as the situation becomes desperate, and Emily must do things her programming tells her are unethical and improper..readers will finish this suspenseful speculation about the next step in human evolution hoping that Wheaton has enough material left over for a second foray into speculative fiction, and perhaps even a third and a fourth. EMILY ETERNAL is a novel you’ll be glad you read.”

– New York Journal of Books

“EMILY ETERNAL is an intriguing, engaging and cinematic book. Rather than easily being identified as sci-fi, it lives up to the broader categorization of speculative fiction, spanning drama, thriller, and science fiction…makes this book so digestible and addictive. AC Emily is funny, self aware and whimsical. She’s all the parts of what makes a human, or as close as the team that created her can replicate. Her voice in the story is what brings you along for the ride. This is a great book to pick up if you love speculative fiction, if you are tired of dystopian fiction and want more hope in your sci-fi, or if you just enjoy a good read. ★★★★”

– Culturefly

“Barnes & Noble’s Bookseller’s Picks for April”

– Barnes & Nobles Sci-fi & Fantasy Blog

“In this refreshing antidote to all those one-dimensional narratives where artificial intelligence develops a need to kill all humans seemingly at the exact moment of gaining consciousness, M. G. Wheaton’s EMILY ETERNAL takes the titular AI consciousness on an epic journey to save all of humanity, even as she flees from pursuers who would prefer to allow the world to simply end. Plus, robot fugitives on the run—what’s not to like?”

– Crime Reads

“Drenched in some deeply thought-provoking moral and ethical dilemmas, EMILY ETERNAL manages to deliver a message of hope through Emily, an artificial consciousness designed to help humanity navigate trauma. The book has an eerie feel throughout that might unnerve some readers, but if you’re willing to stick out the journey, it might give you quite a bit to think about how humans could potentially survive both in space and inhabiting planets not quite like our own. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and would definitely be a conversation starter. I could see it potentially becoming a book club book, there’s so much to discuss! Emily is by far one of the most fascinating characters I’ve come across.”

– The Nerd Daily

“Brilliantly clever, action packed…and quite unlike anything I’ve ever heard of.”

– Tale at a Time

“The book’s fun, making up for any silliness with plenty of energy. Emily’s little gang of helpers are sparsely drawn but vivid and likeable, and MG Wheaton writes his lead character with charming warmth, giving her that heroic blend of ethical determination and worldly naivety. ★★★★”


“EMILY ETERNAL is a visionary work of science fiction, encompassing the death of the sun, the end of humanity, and the best AI character since HAL 9000. Amazing book…cannot recommend highly enough!”

– Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Dark Matter

“It is so fascinating seeing how Emily's mind works and following the connections she makes. She has such an amazing brain but at the same time is a very relatable, wonderful character. This book had a fantastic mix of science and emotion, with mystery, intrigue, and a dash of romance.”

– Sabrina’s Booktails

“This is a romp of a science-fantasy thriller from the debut novelist M. G. Wheaton. Note, this is science-fantasy: it is fantasy wrapped up in a coating of science terminology; this is not a hard SF exploration of the AI trope but a sci-fi action adventure told with a certain bravado and brio. Wheaton is strong on his action sequences and the book's mid-sections are particularly engaging…if you enjoy high-octane SFnal thrillers that throws everything at the plot – up to and including the end of the world as you know it – then you may well find EMILY ETERNAL one heck of a romp ride.”

– The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation

“Wow. This novel went in a direction I didn't expect. It's rare that a book exceeds your expectations for both plot and character. It's even rarer that an author allows the emotional journey of the main characters to play out naturally and, in turn, affect the reader in such a deep, meaningful way. EMILY ETERNAL is expertly written by Wheaton, showing an impressive knowledge of both current tech, and the conceivable trajectory of what is to come.”

– Tony Healey, bestselling author of Hope’s Peak

“Emily is the strangest main character I’ve ever had the pleasure to have met on a literary journey. Experiencing the story from the sole perspective of an AI, one that feels and learns gives a unique voice to her. Her skills and personality are engaging and you are emotionally invested from the start. The plot is a high octane ticking clock. It kept my heart racing from the moment all hell broke loose up until the moment EMILY ETERNAL resolved.”

– Queens of Geekdom

“Emily is an incredible and memorable creation, a character who can get under the reader’s skin and stay there long after the end of the story. Unlike many fictional AI creations, Emily’s status as Artificial Consciousness gives her a personality with which we can engage, and a unique, natural voice, through which we follow the story. Wheaton examines the human condition through the eyes of someone – or something – that wishes nothing more than to be a real person. This empathy often makes Emily the most human character in any given scene and begs the question why she would strive to be like us, when we should perhaps be striving to be more like her. Fast-paced and full of heart, Emily Eternal is a standout debut that feels like the work of a much more accomplished author. Perfect for fans of Michael Crichton or Neal Stephenson, it’s a thought-provoking and intelligent read that still manages to entertain and surprise.”

– Reader Dad

“I really enjoyed this read! It was fun, quick and entertaining. The science was fascinating and the world was realistic, to me at least. I loved Emily as a character and her world view and logic. It’s been a while since I got sucked into a book and this very much so filled that gap. Also, I loved the ending!” – Ivy’s Well Used Library Card

“Told from Emily’s POV this is a clever, twisty thriller set in the near future. Well written and pacey, I really enjoyed this and it sits nicely among my growing collection of clever AI books.”

– Rambling Mads

“I finished this last night, and all i have to say is... GO PICK UP THIS BOOK!! okay, i have a bit more to say and that is because emily eternal deserves all the shooting stars in the galaxy. i’m a sucker for a great sci-fi and an even bigger sucker for artificial intelligence stories…but here’s the twist... emily isn’t artificial intelligence. she’s artificial *consciousness* meaning she has emotions, opinions, hopes, dreams & morals. but when she was created to be logical and unbiased, her consciousness comes into play! and that’s what makes this emily-must-save-the-world story so exiting, because emily isn’t perfect. she’s basically human, like the rest of us. this story does wonders, from plot, to the INCREDIBLE world building to the clear but detailed writing style... from pace to the gloriously emotional ending, to all the characters we fall in love with along the way. this is a short book, but it’s not a quick read, so if you have a week or two and are looking for a new book, i strongly urge it to be this one.”

– Beth’s Bookshelf

“This book has a bit of everything, assassinations, end of the world, space stuff, robots, an artificial consciousness, romance, action, adventure… conspiracy theories even get a little bit and even things like cancer and sickness. And family, and relationships in general. If you like techie science fiction that isn’t a space opera and has the end of the world in it, I can definitely recommend this one. It left me with a good feeling after finishing.”

– Moon Kestral Blog

“EMILY ETERNAL is a really fun ride for anyone who loves chase-scenes, moral dilemmas, unconventional romances, and spectacular science!”

– Letters From Neverland

“Fast paced and had plenty of action. ★★★★”

– Pigs and Papebacks

“What an engrossing and beautiful book about humanity's last days on Earth after the Sun begins to die (yay for Sunmaggedon? Nay?). Emily is such a captivating human-like AI (or as she says, A.C.; artificial conscious) who finds the pith and beauty that is a human. Within 60 pages of this book, it went in a completely different direction than expected. I shall tell you this, it left me this way through the entirety of its pages. I loved every minute of Emily's humanity and devotion to Homo sapiens as was well as her beautiful romance with Jason. I can't say this enough: what a gorgeous book! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to find meaning at the end of life, or rather, a new beginning at the end of an old life.”

– First and Last Words

“This book is about humanity, and what it means to be human. It has a unique and beautiful love story subplot. It raises issues of ethics and morals and made me think. Full of surprises, I enjoyed this jaunt into a different genre, and I believed in Emily. She was believable and mesmerizing. Please don't be afraid of science fiction in this case. The storytelling is so captivating here it makes this book for everyone.”

– Tarheel Reader

“Beautifully drawn…I thoroughly enjoyed EMILY ETERNAL.”

– For Winter Nights

“If you loved the space capers and extraterrestrial friendships of A LONG WAY TO A SMALL ANGRY PLANET by Becky Chambers, then you’ll love EMILY ETERNAL by M.G. Wheaton!”

– The Realm

“I'm a fan of very people-driven sci-fi, and this book is definitely that: Emily is such a brilliant, warm and likeable character, and the humans surrounding her are all great too. The idea of Emily as a human-helping artificial consciousness is very intriguing and it's explored well, with lots of clever ideas, advantages and disadvantages…I was so gripped that I literally could not put it down.”

– What Rachel Read

Wheaton is skilled at plotting, always keeping the revelations and twists coming. 

“EMILY ETERNAL…really took me by surprise, and was honestly a little mind-blowing. This book is about an artificial consciousness (very specifically not an artificial intelligence, thank you very much) called Emily. She is witty, sassy, intelligent and, in so many ways, so very human. She is constantly torn between doing what a human would do or taking the easier ‘AC’ path. Then you start wondering: does she really care or is it just part of her programming? Being in her head meant, as a reader, I was often just as confused as she was. Is she human? Is she artificial? But she seems so real…EMILY ETERNAL is a really fun ride for anyone who loves chase-scenes, moral dilemmas, unconventional romances, and spectacular science!”

– The Booktopian

“EMILY ETERNAL is a captivating read, plunging the reader into a future where we are doomed to end, clinging to our own created AI to save us, but it is the character of Emily herself that holds the real depth in this book. As a heroine she is extraordinarily human and yet stands apart from and morally above the average science fiction protagonist at the same time. Wheaton has created someone incredibly admirable in Emily. She shows great strength in grasping onto what she believes is right, not giving up hope in a future and the part she can play in it, yet finding her moral spine cracking under the strains of attraction and temptation like the best among us, showing true humanity in a character that is precisely not human. EMILY ETERNALis a coming-of-age we have not seen before, situating sweet, young, romantic discovery side by side with global disaster…”

– British Fantasy Society

“I loved this. Something different and highly engaging but also randomly thought provoking on many levels. Emily may be virtual but she reads as entirely human, she loves the human race and learns every day about the nuances of that existence. The writing is beautiful, fully immersing you into this world and the plot is considered yet pacy and addictive. The science geekery is wonderfully fascinating and whilst speculative still entirely believable on the page. I devoured this in short order, plenty of emotional levels and edgy moments, a cleverly exciting and intelligent finale and some memorable characters not the least of which is Emily herself. Brilliant.”

– Liz Loves Books

“For a book where the primary character is basically a computer programme this story has a lot of heart and is very thought provoking. It’s well written and actually quite fascinating.  I liked Emily.  I liked the dilemma that she found herself in and her resourcefulness. I liked that she cared and it raised all those issues of can a programme develop enough to ‘feel’ A story that begs the question ‘what next?’ I would definitely read more by this author.”

– Lynns Books

“EMILY ETERNAL was definitely a hit for me. I can’t express just how much I love and adore Emily, she was just such a great character and I enjoyed reading from her point of view tremendously. The only thing that I loved more than Emily about this, was that this book made me think so much. An artificial consciousness made me contemplate what the word humanity actually means and made me dream about what could be in mankind’s future. This was a thought provoking, wonderfully crafted story about the future of mankind, with fantastic writing, spearheaded by my most cherished AC and I highly recommend it.”

– Muse of Nyxmares

“There are some books that make you take a deeper look at the human experience and EMILY ETERNAL by M.G. Wheaton is one of those books. What does the word human mean? Is it our physical bodies with our fallible memories and deep emotions or could it be something more? And where does the human end and humanity begin? Rarely have I ever seen an artificial consciousness so well realized, and I'm completely blown away by the boldness of the narrative. It doesn't hold back anything, while offering us some beautiful insights into the nature of being human. The writing is excellent, the pacing good, and the twists and turns keep you guessing…a delightful read that will make you think long after you’ve finished reading it.”

– Ayaan Reads

“I thoroughly enjoyed Emily Eternal –I really liked the way the Artificial Consciousness melded with futuristic “real” life in this, and how the science worked. Definitely worth a read if you like science fiction!”

– Books and Lemon Squash

“Emily is a fascinating character, and I was invested in her development pretty much from the start. She’s so kind and caring and empathetic, and it’s almost a breath of fresh air to read about a character like that these days. She has such love and respect for the people around her, but unfortunately she’s just as capable of hurting them as a human is.”

– The Fantasy Inn

“This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read. There are plenty of moments in this story that had me on the edge of my seat and I was rooting for the characters the entire time. It’s an exciting story, but it’s definitely also one that gives you food for thought – if you’re a science fiction fan you absolutely have to pick this one up. ★★★★”

– The Bibliophile Chronicles

“[EMILY ETERNAL] was super-fast read for me, because I just couldn’t stop, and kept on reading, wanting to know how all this would unfold.”

– The Y Logs

"Wheaton's writing is haunting. Days, weeks, even months later, you will find your mind returning to his worlds. Stephen King is no longer my only addiction."

— Todd Farmer, screenwriter, Drive Angry

"An exciting new voice in the speculative, dark fantasy genre"

— Michael ("Enter, Night") Rowe